Marco de Wit’s Quran-throwing the other day has spread over the world

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Marco de Wit’s Quran-throwing the other day has spread over the world. At least Turkish News Agency Anadolu Agency, Moroccan Morocco World News and Islamic media Yabiladi.

Also Muslims News, Turkish A news and International Quran News Agency IGNA from Iran write about this. Turkish Sabah screams that it is a scandal, the Quran has been desecrated.
Sabah writes:
A scandal happened last week. The leader of Finnish People First-party, Marco de Wit ripped a Quran just before the EU elections. De Wit tried to get more votes by provocation and desecration of the holy Quran several times. The police did not intervene.

”The Quran was being desecrated. The police did not intervene!”

According to Anadolu, one of their correspondents in Finland, Turkish citizen Yakup Yilmaz, who is a member of member of the World Turkish Business Council’s European Committee. Yilmaz had told the police who were there that there was a hate crime going on. According to Yilmaz, the police do not listen to him. Furthermore, according to Yilmaz, de Wit had blasphemed the prophet Muhammed.

”Marco de Wit had blasphemed Quran and the prophet Muhammad.”

Yakup Yilmaz even told Anadolu he has made a criminal complaint on the Quran-throwing.
It will be interesting to see, whether the representants of Islam will get provoked in the same scale as with the so-called Jyllands Posten’s cartoon affair. It has spread to quite a wide range of media in the Islamic world and seems to have received attention in particular in Turkey. At the time of the cartoon happenings, riots spread around when some angry Muslims showed their mind. The same thing happening in Denmark, when Muslims torched their neighbourhoods because of Paludan’s Quran-throwing.
Addition: Yakup Yilmaz has been in the Seven Star movement as a parliamentary candidate.
Read on the background of the cartoon affair:

Mistä takavuosien Muhammed-pilakuvajupakassa tarkastiottaen oli kysymys?


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