Mosques in Sweden on the map



All mosques in Sweden that have been entered in the Swedish public association register or search engines are on this map.

There are 332 mosques right now on the map. They range from small cellar mosques to several hundred square meters large mosque looking buildings.
Filling the map, I used the following search terms: (municipality) mosque islamic association, or muslim association. For the biggest cities, I created some variations around Islamic/ muslim centres.
Working on the map, I noticed that the largest mosques are called just that, but the official name of a mosque can also be, for example, islamic centre, somali islamic centre, bosnian islamic cultural centre, etc. Still, the place looks like a mosque from the outside.
Many mosques are placed near schools and creches. In some cases, these schools are so called quran schools. Sometimes, school equals mosque. School during the day, mosque in the evening. The map does not contain all the mosques yet, as several so called cellar mosques are missing from it. In Rosengard alone, they say are 20. It was, however impossible for me to find more than 4-5 mosques in the area.
If you know of any mosque that has not been placed on the map, please email: