In Copenhagen, Islamic prayers and demonstrations

Picture: Generation Identitær.

In Denmark, critical voices against Islamization have intensified. Not only the Stram Kurs party, led by Rasmus Paludan, has also joined the Nationalist movement, Generation Identitær.

The Islamic districts of Copenhagen organized a Saturday night in the city center for Rådhuspladsen, Town Hall Square, Grand Ramadan Prayer Party, Iftar. Iftar refers to the feast after sunshine during ramadan. Several hundred Muslims gathered in the square to eat.

Generation Identitær

Some members of Generation Identitær had rented a room at a hotel near the marketplace and lowered during the prayera a large placard from the balcony, which read “Europa er vores!”, “Europe is ours!”
Generation Identitær say on their website that such prayer celebrations in cities are one of the clear signs of Islamization. The city image is slowly but surely becoming Islamic. When Islamization has previously appeared in the suburbs, now it is flooding into the city centers. Copenhagen has become Mecca.
– An event where Muslims have gathered to a great extent to The Town Hall Square is a symbol of how far Islamism has gone. This development continues and will continue unless we decide that society has to go in another direction, GI writes on its website.

Common people’s sing-along and Stram Kurs

While Muslims were playing Islamic prayers out of loudspeakers, on the other side of the marketplace, some ordinary Danish singers had gathered. The sing-along was an attempt to dominate over the Islamic prayer.
In addition, under the leadership of Rasmus Paludan, the marketplace also had a Stram Kurs party a demonstration of their own, with signs that read: “They should not be integrated, they should not be assimilated. They must be thrown out ”.
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Sing-along against Islamization. Photo:

Love Ring

There were also many asylum activists who showed support to the Ramadan celebrators. The activists made a love ring around Ramadan celebrants, with the motto “Denmark belongs to everyone, including Muslims.”
[wpvideo UJ6LCo0j]

The victory sign was banned

The interesting thing about this is that the victory sign used by Rasmus Paludan is forbidden in some schools. For example, in the city of Ølstyk in the north-west of Copenhagen, the leadership of the Maglehøjen School considered the sign to be forbidden. This was done because many Danish students had taken to displaying the sign.
School leadership justified their banning of the victory sign by calling it racism and bullying.
– In a democratic country with freedom of expression, it does not mean that people are free to make racist gestures and signs, they were told in a letter sent to senior parents. reported on the victory sign hassle previously.

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Any sense in the modern western world?

Liberalism is doomed to fail.
It says welcome even to the enemy.
There is no need for the invading army to surprise anybody at all. All that is needed is to say that we are coming.
And liberals say: welcome!!!
If Hitler lived today he would only have to march into Paris without a battle. Today’s liberals would say hurray! and they would swing swastika flags to celebrate.
That means liberals are a dying part of mankind. They’ll shout ‘thank you’ even when they are being executed by a firing squad.