Big explosion in Linköping – dozens hospitalized


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There has been a big explosion this morning in Linköping. The block of flats at the corner of Hamngatan and Ådalagatan has exploded. At least 25 people have been taken to the hospital.

According to SVT news, the explosion occurred around 09:00 local time. Several people called the emergency center, which reported a big explosion.
Several police patrols and rescue services came to the scene, and started to evacuate the house. The house is told to have received huge damages. In practice, all windows are broken and the façade is badly damaged.
25 people are reported to have been slightly injured, according to SVT, there is no data of anyone being seriously injured. The injured were from both inside and outside the building. Linköping University Hospital is, however, in disaster preparedness.
A police bombing group is searching the area for possible unexploded explosives. The matter is being investigated as causing a dangerous situation, but the police has not caught anyone yet, and no other information has yet been given by the police.
Following the situation for any updates as they come in

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No doubt this terrorist attack was done by the followers of the religion of you-know-what….


This could be funny. Unfortunately it is real.Wake up sweden?

Oulun Arto

I thought these photos were from Beirut or Bagdad. I am surprised this is close to my place of birth. 48 years ago there was not such explosions at all.