The number of people born abroad in Sweden is almost 2 million, or 20% of the population

The number of foreigners living in Sweden is increasing every year. At the end of 2018, 1,955,569 people were born abroad. It is 19.12% of the population. The total population in Sweden is 10,230,185.

That 19.12% means foreigners born abroad, who have moved to Sweden. The figure includes all nationalities. In the 21st century, the number of foreigners has increased from 1 003 798 foreigners in 2000 to nearly one million.
As a diagram, the development looks like this:
Since 2000, when the Finns were a minority of almost 200,000, the number has dropped 50,000 in the early 21st century. Syrians went by the Finns already 4 years ago, and Iraqis are passing by the Finns this year. The number of Iranians is also rising. As a chart, it looks like this:
The number of foreigners is, in fact, many times higher, since only the ones born abroad, not those born in Sweden, whose parents were born abroad, are calculated in the table. Actually, this should include grandparents born abroad, whose child was born in Sweden, whose child was born in Sweden.
You can view the tables here:
ADDITION: I found a statistic about people born in Sweden, both parents born abroad. In 2018, there were 587,581 people in this category.

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Sweden is a good example how to NOT handle your immigration policy.