Malmo Police Headquarters: The situation in Malmo is now really bad

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A moment ago, the Malmo police held a briefing on the events of the last few days and the message was: the situation is now bad, really bad. However, people do not have to worry if they do not work in the ”wrong field”.

In Malmo, one person was shot dead in a gang shooting on Monday. Later in the same hood on the public street, there was a big gun fight. Earlier in the morning the police had to shoot a man at the station who threatened to blow up a bomb. At night, two bombs were blown up, and several properties were seriously damaged.
Police spokespeople, local police chiefs Andy Roberts and Erik Jansaker reported that one person who has been hospitalized for shooting wounds had been caught in the train station. In this case, the police do not want to tell more as of now. The man’s motives are not known. However, the man is known to the police and is a resident of a neighbouring country; nothing was told of what he was known for.
Although the police do not want to tell anything about the night time explosions, it is confirmed that the events are related in some way.
At the 1pm shootings, where the Balkan in his twenties was shot to death, men aged 23 and 29 have been captured. The police did not tell the backgrounds of the captured, but the picture was that they were neo swedes.
Later that night, Roberts tells us that the targeted were two men in their twenties, but they didn’t get hit. The police are looking for two people in this case, but do not reveal who they are looking for.
According to Roberts, yesterday’s shooting in Rosengard was accompanied by a car fire, possibly burning the escape vehicle.
According to the police, they have received 40 new police officers, so there should be enough resources. The situation in Malmo is now particularly bad, but people do not have to be afraid unless ’working in the wrong field’. Roberts means that there is a clear fermentation in the underworld and more people will cease to exist in the next few days. Roberts speaks of a ”wave of violence”.
It is also reported that shootings and explosions have increased. Explosions have been said to have changed from hand grenades to explosive charges. The police say it is doing a full day of search and talking-to and currently, 80 of the worst gangsters are sitting incarcerated.
The press asked if people should move out of Malmo if they are afraid. The police say they want everyone to feel safe.

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