Sweden expels three celebrity Imams as security threats


The Swedish Immigration Service has decided to expel Abu Raadi, known as Gävle imam, Al Duhan Raad, and Umeå’s Imam Hussein Al-Jibury. Reason: According to SÄPO, the Security Police they have planned terrorist attacks in Sweden or are otherwise a threat to Sweden.

Said trio and two other imams were taken to the Immigration Service’s security deposit this spring. The security police had been following the actions of the said men for a long time, and in the spring it was considered that the situation was so acute that the imams were being detained. Now, on the recommendation of the Security Police, the Finnish Immigration Service has decided that three of those arrested are expelled from the country.
In his release, the Security Police says that expulsions prevent a clear spread of extremism and at the same time a security threat to Sweden.
Both Abo Raad and Hussein Al-Jibury have become known as direct supporters of Isis. In the Gävle Mosque, young Muslim men have been recruited into the Caliphate in Syria, and the Gävle Mosque has, for a good reason, been called the Isis metastasis of Europe.
In addition, the mosques have been preaching the killing of infidels and pondering how the Nordic countries will be joined to the caliphate. So it is not about any kind of domestic glory.
However, the trio has the backing of the Swedish Muslim circles. In the spring, great demonstrations were held in the country, where Muslims demanded the liberation of imams and the cessation of freedom of expression. In other words, these Muslims believe that stopping the preaching on killing the infidels is an insult to the freedom of expression.

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In paragraph 2: ”the Finnish Immigration Service”?!?

Bye bye blackbird

Not three, now they are fem to be expelled.


Why expell? Where’s the beef? Why parcel if able of whole package delivery?
Cutheads on poles. There you go. Message understood and mission accomplished.
Client is always right, so give ’em what they seek for.