How to act if one happens to land in the middle of a new Swede pistol fight


On the corner of Rinkeby’s hot dog kiosk, you can meet some genuine suburban gangsters and with some lucky strike, you may even see a murder.

How should an ordinary travelling tourist behave in a big city in Sweden in a situation where they may have to witness a shooting event, a bombing or perhaps some drug trafficking, to give some examples?

It is, of course, very unlikely for the tourist to happen to be in the middle of the war. These things rarely happen in tourist areas. But if this would happen, or if you are in the suburbs, and you see a shooting, it is extremely important to act right. The reaction must come from the spinal cord. Otherwise you may expire. All the low numbers of hurt bystanders in shootings in Swedish suburbs are based on the ability of the locals to act properly when the situation is ongoing.
The basic rule is one that if you do not know the background of the situation and you do not know what is going on, DO NOT approach the happening. Let people shoot each other. Just search protection for yourself and your company from behind a bush, a car, etc. and be invisible. Hit the ground, stay there until it’s over, and then leave.
The gun fight usually ends as fast as it starts. It takes a few seconds to a maximum of ten seconds. When the shooting ends, it is followed by a fierce gassing of the car, motorcycle, etc. when the perpetrators leave the scene. Do not try to prevent the criminal elements from leaving. They have adrenaline in the blood and may well fire at a bystander that might prevent their escape.

When you start to move around with such seemingly lucrative things, it is worth thanking the Lord that you are not indebted to the wrong person.
When the situation is over, don’t in any way or manner dig up your camera. Collect your stuff and your company and get out, blending in the background. Don’t show any interest in what just happened. If there is a wounded person not moving on the ground, with their brain and intestines on the asphalt, do not go and help them. The ambulance is coming in and they will take care of the wounded. If you follow the actions of local people, they will leave without looking at you.
There are always eyes on a murder scene that observe people. Too enthusiastic a helper, witness, etc. is noted. By helping you get confused with something that doesn’t have anything to do with you in any way. Too enthusiastic intervenes are noticed. Then, in the next stage, you will be threatened until you defecate. In the future, you can be sure that if you are too helpful and curious, someone will be behind your door to remind you of what you have seen.
An old saying in Rinkeby goes: Don’t say anything, don’t hear anything and don’t know anything.
With these instructions, you can travel to see what is happening in the Swedish problem suburb, the ghetto.

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14.6.2019 19:11

I think that in highly unlikely situation of finding oneself in the middle of flying bullets one should fall into islamic praying position and scream for allah.

15.6.2019 10:40
Vastaa...  Aappa

Still better if you rapidly can dig a big hole with your bare hands.

16.6.2019 08:30

I really, really and fully honestly do want to see love-all-humankind-feminists-of-all-sexes in this situation.
I’d like to see their blue blood.
You! Hey you, white guy with common sense! Promise me to do nothing but lto leave the scene. Please?