What a grand finale for a beautiful love story

SVT tells the story of a beautiful love that makes one go hmm. 36-year-old Hamzeh Dalis was granted a residence permit and can continue living with his partner, 79-year-old Ulla Simonsson.

Dalis came to Sweden back in 2014, he is a Palestinian citizen. The process of a getting a residence permit has taken years because Dalis accidentally lost his passport on the way. The journey to get a residence permit has therefore been long and difficult.
Eventually, after many complaints, the Stockholm Administrative Court decided to issue a residence permit for the first time for a couple of years when Dalis received a new passport last spring. According to the Finnish Immigration Services, the couple’s relationship is on a solid base and that contributed to the issuing of the said residence permit.
Now that Dalis’ future in Sweden is secured, the next thing to happen is the wedding.
Check out photos of the couple’s pre-marital happiness on the SVT news.

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He looks like a butler, he dresses like a butler, therefore he is a butler.
I have been checking all internet pages of foretelling, horroscopes and even laid so many tables of Tarot cards with no love of my life agreeing with me.
I have finally grown with understanding of where to find REAL AND SOLID LOVE.
Love of spirits, The Love that has been always been seeking for The True Match.
No matter what time, what place, but Deep Companionship, Partnership and Love.
It’s there in stars written!
I am not old enough and I have problems with my ideologies. People tell me the latter.
That’s why I cannot meet the love of my life.
And racists know me, so they keep away.
Also I as I have been told demand too much things such as wittiness.
Sad, so sad… ;( And I so envy Ulla.
In that age she has nothing to lose. SAHE HAS NOTHING TO LOSE.