Fierce street fight in Copenhagen, two expired


25th June, a terrible street fight took place in Copenhagen, where two people  -probably new Swedes – were shot to death.

The shooting began shortly before 6pm local time in Herlev, North West of Copenhagen. The regional police confirm that at least two people  have died of shooting injuries.
The police have not yet reported much on the happenings. It is known that there was a Renault passenger car, shot full of holes with Swedish licence plates. The car has been registered to a young person as newborn, born in 1995 in Rosengård, Malmö, but it is not yet known whether he was one of the targets. A car may well be registered to a so-called car goalkeeper.
Based on Extrabladet images, it can at least be concluded that the car is full of bullet holes. From Berlinske, here is a short film from the site.
Copenhagen police confirm that by evening, two dead were known. The identity of the targets is known, but it has not been reported which country’s citizens the two were.
There was still a major police operation in the area at that time. Cars were stopped and an investigation is underway. The police have taken one person for questioning regarding the events.
According to rumors in the underworld, the shooter would have been a Danish so-called torpedo, taller than 2 meters.
EDIT: Police say about the course of events to Berlinske, that the car was shot at with pistols and rifles. Another victim was found in the car or in the immediate vicinity and the other a little further. After being shot at, the police seized a stolen Audi car suspected of being involved in the events.

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