Deported from Denmark for rape, a new sentence on the same issue in Finland

The Pirkanmaa District Court today condemned the Iraqi asylum seeker, Tania Hocine Mohamed, for two rapes to imprisonment for three years.

Hocine’s tactic was to stalk outside restaurants near closure time. From there, he picked up drunk women who were out cold.
In the first case, the woman had left from the restaurant to the yard and lost her outerwear. Hocine offered to drive the woman home. On the way, however, the car was parked and willy started to fly.
In the second case, Hocine got two drunk women in the car. One was driven home. Now Hocine got the perfect setup. The woman left in the car zonked out and woke up at some point with a mere bra on. By that time, Hocine had already managed to slip it in.
Hocine was a brilliant young man in the sense that he was 27 years old and photographed the events. These were then used as evidence in court.
The court found that the acts were proved, even though Hocine tried to explain himself. In addition, he insisted on getting free because his wife was pregnant. The court did not warm up to this, but sent him to slip it in the cold.
So, the court condemned Hocine to three years in prison for two rapes, a case of drunk driving and a small drug offense.
Hocine was already deported from Denmark a few years ago for rape.
Find below some more details of this case.
How does the Hocine thing progress? As a first-timer, he will sit half of his sentence, 1 year and 6 months. Hocine has already been in jail for about 4 months, so he will be free again next autumn.
He will also be on holiday next spring.
In Denmark, the court decides over expulsions. There, Hocine’s raping was considered worthy of deportation. However, Hocine will not be deported from Finland because of the same.

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Kari Ilmarinen

Heard once that officials in Finland knew everything about everyone who came to Finland during the wave of 2015 – 2016.
But, apparently, this must be just one “yksittäistapaus”..