Massive attack by neo-Finn gang towards one boy at Itäkeskus

[wpvideo oVcdDErd]

The film was shot at the Itäkeskus subway station in Helsinki. More neo-Finns, mostly African, but also some youngsters from the Middle East attacked a Finnish young man without any reason whatsoever.

According to information coming from eastern Helsinki, the same gang frequents the Itäkeskus-Rastila-Vuosaari area and attacks young people moving around alone, for fun.
One remarkable thing seen in the film is how it fuels the neo-Finns to find an unaccompanied target, even when the targeted person tries to defend themselves. One youngster makes a U-turn in the staircase and returns to perform a kickjump. It seems that the person is not even part of the gang of Africanos, but just takes a chance to kick someone when it is freely offered.
If anyone recognizes the Africanos or other people on the film, email:

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Dream -> nightmare
Dream -> nightmare
11.7.2019 00:07

They hunt.
We shut our eyes.

Primal M
Primal M
11.7.2019 00:25

Our Prime Minister will say…
Poor lads…
We need give them more money, so after that they will be more integrated.

11.7.2019 02:01

Come on adult man so you die.
Suomalaisen pitää herätä todellisuuteen tai maamme on mennytta, ellei LBGT propaganda vie perikatoon, niin suomalainen vie elllei taistele olemassaolostaan!!!!

11.7.2019 07:30

En itse käyttäisi sanontaa ”neo Finn”, voi tulla ihan toisenlaisia Aatoksia lukijalle. Immigrant voisi sopia paremmin, olisi sellainen sopivan eikerrotamistä. Refugee ei ehkä kyseessä kun laumautuminen jo suoritettu tuolle asteelle jossa näyttää sille että ennenkin on laumailtu.
Eikä videosta selviä sitäkään että onko suomalainen kyseessä jonka kimppuun kävivät. Noinniinkun vastaisuutta aatellen.

26.7.2019 23:17

These people are genetically different than northern white europeans. If you study evolution and selection pressure in warm climate versus cold climate you will see the truth, the truth that the media is keeping from you. Lower IQ, low impulse control, more violent and it is genetic, it cant be changed or fixed with money or education.