A new, exciting phenomenon: Child robberies

At a young age, you learn how to master it for life. A rather interesting phenomenon has emerged in Sweden: child hold-ups. Children robbing children. The matter is already so spread out that, for example, children’s tv programs instruct the future victims of robberies to not make any resistance.
The case could be bypassed by referring that it must be one single case. However, for example, Hem & Hyra (a home-based magazine in the style of, for example, House and Home) tells us that in Grums, a small town in Värmland, children’s robberies are a big problem that many parents dare not to let their children out of their control.
According to the article, gang members on both sides of 10 years are threatening other children with rape. In addition, children are being extorted valuables such as mobiles and clothes.
The problem is thought to have started sometime during the last half of the year and has escalated during spring and summer when the child gangs have been so assertive that they start resembling their idols, the rapper gangsters. Thus, the gang or gangs are made up of children between the ages of 10 and 10 who are attacking other ages. Adult women are also verbally disturbed by “svennehora” (Swedish tart ) shouts.
In the article, two mothers report that child gangs have attacked other children and have hit them with sticks, and the children have been hit so they have bleeding wounds.
– In addition, they shout sexual insults: “Screw you” or “I’ll rape you,” tells a mother.
The area’s rental housing association is concerned about the happened, as it can increase racism. According to the association, if the situation gets any worse, the conflict will be a “Me against them” conflict and public xenophobia will increase.
“The area’s rental housing association is concerned about the happened, as it can increase racism.”
– The children who are causing the disorder are of immigrant background and have been in the country for a short time. That is why the neighborhood is starting to draw conclusions regarding the problems and having xenophobic ideas. This leads to, with time, separation in the residential area and the neighborhood will be divided between us and them. This will escalate the problems further, say the rental housing association.
Many residents also agree, that we should not think “us and them”me. A mother tells me that their daughter is crying in the evenings and is afraid. However, nobody wants to do anything:
– They put garbage in our letterboxes or they make even more children submit to their will. Or if somebody says anything to them, they spit on their eyes and say “I don’t listen to you because you are a woman”. In addition, we are called things that I don’t even want to say aloud.
In the future, they will try to reconcile and settle this issue in cooperation with the residents, police and the rental housing association.
The quote from Hem & Hyra ends.


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