Malmö police change crime prevention tactics: soap bubble machine for Pride festivals

The Malmö police are now going to the source to show how police work is done: they will be participating in the Pride procession and telling people about hate speech. This has been announced on the Malmö Police Facebook page.

The police say that the facility is, of course, participating in the Pride parade. The police will use slogan in the procession “Polisen – för alla, the Police for everybody.
– The Southern Police District’s Democracy and Hate Group will be present and answer questions about how the police work against hate speech. A hate crime is a crime directed against a person’s background, skin color, national background, ethnic background, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity. The hate crime is against human rights and therefore a particularly important task for the police to prevent, locate and investigate, say the police on Facebook.
The police are blocking hate crimes on the spot, for example with a soap bubble machine, and a loudspeaker placed on a truck playing music.

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