Robberies are increasing and the risk of becoming a target increases


Street robberies have increased enormously in Sweden. When the target of old time robbery was mainly a drunken fool, now it is sufficient to be white, and seen wearing something worthwhile.

Robbery against children and adolescents can be said to already be systematic. They carry phones, money and clothes. Usually, the robbery has the same formula every time and an outsider may not even realize there is a robbery going on. The gang of adolescents from third countries surrounds the target and effectively cleans them from anything of value.
This week, an 18-year-old young man was stabbed to death in a robbery. The Gothenburg police have seized a few suspects on suspicion.
In recent times, however, some more attention has been paid to these things. For example, the TV4 morning TV gave the viewers some instructions. Sven-Erik Alhem, Speaker of Crime Victim Support, said that the risk of robbery would be reduced when one ”dresses like a poor person”.
– The risk of being subjected to robbery decreases when you look poor and as if you do not own anything. It also matters how you behave.

The old saying is that the subject of robbery is looking for a robber. There is at least something behind it. For example, when moving around in Stockholm, here are a few tips on how to actually reduce the risk of robbery.
The basic things, of course, are not to wear any visible jewelry or to carry cash. It is not advisable to leave the mobile phone on the table while having one’s pint of beer. The phone is guaranteed to be passed at by some bypasser. It is simply impossible to run from behind the terrace fences into the midst of a crowd after the robber before they disappear into it, never to be seen again.
But the most important thing is to not walk into situations. Even if somebody’s head is being cut off, do not interfere. If you are feeling overwhelmed, call the police, but do not mess with anything yourself. Do not play the hero, as the shadow of the hero fades as fast as the throat blood pressure decreases.
Don’t stick with the quarreling d-landers. If somebody walks into you, do not start sorting the matter out, but continue your journey. They never move alone. I repeat, they are never moving alone, but lurking for stupid caucasians who start arguing with them.
Then they are robbed by the crowd. For example, afghans have a homely proverb that goes roughly like, food must be sought from the lion’s mouth. For example, it means one walks up. Starts a small little bang, ”look in front of yourself”. For at the same time as you stop, you are surrounded by x amount of people who have fled war, persecution and torture, and you have lost the game. You’ve lost even if you were on the move with a couple of your friends. There are always more of them than you.
Suppose you are better off in terms of power. The robbers are especially in the night-time, full of cocaine. You can chop a person like that even for an hour, but they will always rise up. There is even more power in speed. In the case of A$AP Rocky, the footage is especially a school example of how not to behave. Rocky’s entourage clinged to the drugged afghans, instead of leaving the scene.
So the guideline is: Walk away from the place, do not look back, but stay calm and determined. They are not interested if you are not interested. If you are interested, they are interested.
In night life, do not converse with an afghan talking bad Swedish, but leave. Multicultural cultural exchanges only lead to you being robbed. They are not in the city to discuss cultural differences, but to look for an idiot to release from their money.
This is at least a beginning.

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