ASAP Rocky's "assault" victim a perpetrator of multiple minor offences

Mustafa Jafari

The case ASAP Rocky gets some interesting features in just about every direction. Firstly, the prosecutor has now decided to prosecute ASAP Rocky and the trial will be held next week. ASAP Rocky will remain imprisoned until then.

What now has surfaced is that the claimant ”victim of assault” is a time-and-again multi-criminal and has had two social security numbers during his stay in Sweden. In particular, mainstream media wants to keep the following secret:
Mustafa Jafari, who is an Afghan national, was first born on April 27, 2000 and was born again on February 14, 2000. It is not known exactly why the authorities have done this. Jafari arrived in Sweden in 2015. At the age of 6, he moved to Iran with his parents. From Iran, one can then travel to Sweden for asylum because it is so difficult in Afghanistan.
Jafari has done the best he can during his stay in Sweden:

    • On December 22, 2015, the first police case was received. So a few months after the man came to Sweden. Assault, 30 days of youth treatment. Jafari and his friend stabbed the third one, with at least wounds on his face. His hands had also received stabs. Svea hovrätt B 4587-16
    • February 18, 2016 In Stockholm District Court, the charge of theft turned into a petty larceny. Stockholms TR B 2805-16
    • May 9, 2016 The Södertörn District Court transformed serious assault into ordinary assault. Södertörns TR B 16838-15
    • November 23, 2017 Drug crime conviction in Stockholm District Court. Stockholms TR B 14680-17
    • May 25, 2018 Solna District Court conviction for drug offense. Solna TR B 3666-18

Many have also noticed that Jafari was in the public eye in the video recording under the influence of cocaine, ”lamp-eyed”. The film reveals that Jafari had taken cocaine, a behavior that was typical of an Afghani cocaine pheasant.
So ASAP Rocky will be sitting in Kungsholmen police prison in Stockholm at least until next week, pending trial. It is unclear whether he can answer as a free person, as in this case all possible rules and routines that experienced criminal reporters and lawyers know to speculate on, have been broken or violated. Even a foreigner is not kept in custody for several days for an ordinary minor assault (although I wrote so myself in my previous post).
Now, however, ASAP has been incarcerated for almost a month. Two other members of the party are also in custody, one of them being ASAP Rocky security guard. The prosecutor has told the public that he has some new evidence that makes custody ”understandable.” Evidence suggests that someone would have hit Jafar with a broken bottle.
Let’s follow the situation.

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Huora Perkele!


Puukkoryöstö on kylläkin erittäin vakava rikos. Vain tappo ja murha vakavampia.


It’s absolutely a shame for Sweden that a man (A$AP Rocky) and his bodyguards are held in custody for so long after only defending themselves in an attack and harassment situation. And for what? To protect the young Afghan multi-criminals earlier charged for stabbing, assault and drug crimes.
It must be true that for Sweden it’s very important to protect so called alone comers, so important that all the reasoning and common sense is left out. The country won’t soon be admired by anyone, because of its unfair judicial processes. Some people are arrested and held in custody for questionably long for minor reasons while others are released very easily in the cases of much more serious crimes.
Tourists and celebrities, should be careful and watch out for everything while staying in Sweden. I do not wonder if their tourist business starts to go downwards. I myself stopped visiting Sweden a few years ago. It’s not worth it anymore…

Don’t visit, it’s risky

Sweden is a socialistic, ”feministic”, multicultural ghetto where normal people/christians are neglected and discrimined and criminal parasites favorized. Happens 24/7 and nobody knows what the aim really is and who’s behind this madness.

Our PM loves them, nobody knows WHY

I think that these afghans wanted to ROB Rocky & co and followed them in order to come to a minor street where they could attack them and several afghans would join in. There always lots of afghans everywhere and they’re just waiting for an opportunity to rob or rape someone or deal with drugs.