Asap Rocky's "Victim" Asylum Activists´ Mascot


Asap Rocky’s victim, Mustafa J***, has been revealed to be a mascot for asylum activists. He lives in an “integration apartment” for war children, but it seems that the adjustment efforts have not worked that well for Mustafa.

Mustafa has come to Sweden with the goal of not doing as well as possible. Long criminal record in a few years, cocaine-filled life in villages and no study or work. In addition, asylum activists have settled Mustafa in Botkyrka’s adaptation housing unit.
This Adaptive Housing Unit or Integration Housing is intended for marginalized 15 to 20 year old. The integration apartment offers the youngster a free furnished apartment and some nice activities. A program is being developed for marginalized alone comers to deepen their “Swedish society’s know-how”. In addition, coffee-bun talks are offered to single guests.
For Mustafa, the deepening of his skills has not been successful, as he is faced with one strange situation after another, even when mingling with rappers.
It is worth noting that behind Mustafa, there is a battalion of asylum activists working on. Mustafa himself would not have been able to come up with a “victim” role in the case of Asap Rocky, nor could he have claimed a compensation of SEK 140,000. The man was spending his typical evening out with cocaine and had to fight. Who on the street will remember a little fight the next day? Mustafa didn’t even know who Asap Rocky was.
Mustafa has no social knowledge to put himself in the position of a “victim”, that is, to bring the world star to justice. It is obvious, therefore, that the army of Batik queens are in the background.

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ASAPs Good Guy

We need more ASAPs in our streets in order to get rid off these IDIOTs.