Sweden: August Opening Balance: 11 attempted murders and 4 murders


In Sweden, August has begun in such a crazy way that if the same pace continues until the end of the month, martial law will be needed. What is it and what is happening? A police officer from Stockholm City Police shares with Pt media.

August has thus begun wildly. The list looks like this in its brevity if you include, for example, rape and murder or their attempts: 11 attempted murders , 4 murders and 5 rapes.
4.8. Attempted murder, Katrineholm.
4.8. Murder, Karlstad
4.8. Murder attempt, Huddinge.
3.8. Murder, Norrtälje.
3.8. Attempted murder, Malmö.
3.8. Attempted murder, Helsingborg.
3.8. Attempted murder, Stockholm.
3.8. Attempted murder, Timrå.
3.8. Rape, Uppsala.
3.8. Rape, Umea.
3.8. Rape, Västerås.
3.8. Rape, Stockholm.
3.8. Murder, Uppsala.
2.8. Rape, Helsingborg.
2.8. Attempted murder, Stockholm.
2.8. Attempted murder, Stockholm.
1.8. Murder attempt, Boden.
1.8. Attempted murder, Leksand.
1.8. Murder attempt, Sigtuna.
1.8. Murder, Södertälje.
Not all cases are listed because in some cases the police will not update the situation room for one reason or another until afterwards. The list can be viewed at: https://polisen.se/aktuellt/polisens-nyheter/
A police officer from Stockholm City Police tells Pt media:
– It does not look very good overall. It has been a pretty wild weekend in Stockholm. On Saturday, of course, the Pride parties and activities around them were in the spotlight. Because I am a city police both those murders, and the attempted ones do not appear in our line of work, as all of them have occurred outside the city area in the suburbs. The duties in the city area are somewhat different than, say, the Järva police in Rinkeby.
– But there is something I can say. Towards the end of the summer, the atmosphere in the problem suburbs somehow becomes more intense. As if the whole summer had been kept on the stove, gradually turning the plate hotter. The cooking takes it’s time, until the cook gets frustrated as the boiling never seems to start. And then it suddenly bursts into a happy bubbling. There’s some strange collective boiling in these suburbs. There are some sort of collective delusions, or frustration or something.
– It is also affected by the fact that it is warm, but the evenings get dark and the amount of cocaine in circulation is high and cheap again. People keep hanging outside and then the cocaine encounters happen. You can’t tell the difference between things, and under cocaine influence it’s too easy to adopt the gangsta attitude.
So we can expect a rough August. Often, the weekend before school starts is intense. Let us follow the situation.

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4.8.2019 22:25

Swedish Police ready to serve coffee, buns and nice chats 🙂 . Otherwise they will be sacked right away.

5.8.2019 13:14

Sweden becames more SHC (=shitholecountry) for every day that passes.