And What Might A Cleaning Ring Be, If One May Ask?


There is an interesting but somewhat unknown phenomenon among asylum activists; cleaning ring. In the cleaning circle, asylum activists hire their mascots to clean their homes and pay a salary for them to obtain asylum seeker status.

The idea behind the cleaning ring is pretty simple. For example, asylum activists set up a business name. The company ’s manages x number of customers, i.e. individuals, for the business name. The company hires an asylum seeker, whose job is then to clean up clients’ homes. There may be one or more asylum seekers working at such a company.
The operation is perfectly legal and does not violate any laws. Each client pays x euro for the work of the cleaner and cleans each client’s home 1-4 times a week. There will always be enough clients to work full time. Cleaners are also often paid a very fair salary. In many circles, the asylum seeker cleaner gets well over a couple of thousand euros a month. The company also manages all statutory employer contributions.
So the job is not based on any tax evasion or other vague activity, but the whole idea is purely that when the asylum seeker cleaner has the right job and the right pay, it is very difficult for the Immigration Service to do anything but to give a positive decision on residence based on the job.
The cleaning ring is usually used in ”difficult” cases and as the last straw. In those instances the whole asylum process has gone through all the courts and there is no more ”expulsion” on paper. As the deportation literally begins to fade away, asylum activists set up a cleansing ring and then, a new application for the newcomer – now boasting a job.
Kansan Uutiset (People’s News) tells one example of an Afghan asylum seeker, 30-year-old Hakim. Hakim left his child and his wife, who is pregnant with their second child, in Afghanistan and left for asylum in Finland. Hakim’s fate had already been locked – he was to return to his wife and children to take care of them, but then he was helped by the armies of batique queens and Hakim was brought to a cleaning ring and became a housekeeper.
This is how human rights are implemented in their simplest form. In the case of the People’s News, the asylum activists made the father stay in Finland and leave their children and wife to their own luck in Afghanistan.

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