ASAP Rocky Receives Conditional Sentence For Assault In Stockholm

The Stockholm District Court just announced the decision ASAP Rocky case and the sentence is conditional. Two other people from Asap Rocky’s party were also imposed suspended sentences.

According to the District Court, the assault was proven in the case of all three. The evidence included mobile videos filmed from the incident and a film on a surveillance camera tape of a nearby restaurant. In addition, the statements of the witnesses, the text messages sent by the trio, and the photographs taken as a whole were considered sufficient to give judgment in the case.
According to the Court, the defendants’ allegations of self-defense are not credible, since the plaintiff did not attack the defendants with such violence that would have demanded the use of force. However, according to the District Court, the long-disputed proceedings on the bottle against the plaintiff’s head was not proven by the prosecutors.
Asap Rocky alias Rakim Mayers, Bladimir Corniel and David Rispers Jr. were jointly sentenced to pay compensation of Mustafa Jafari, the plaintiff, of SEK 12,500 (€ 1,250, $1300). SEK 2,500 for pain and ache, SEK 10,000 for insult (to Jafari’s “honor/respect”, perhaps?).

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Perkeleen hitsari!

CORPS DIPLOMATIQUE for drugmuslims on Swedish streets?

ASAP Rocky is a victim of True Swedish Idioty: hate everything but the sacred muslims. They are untouchable.