Grim Reaper and Firecracker on a visit to Sweden for the last 24 hours

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There have been shootings, burned cars, and detonated bombs during the last 24 hours – again. At least one person has been killed and another is in the intensive care unit.

There seems to be some kind of a bomb expert in Linköping. A strong explosion was heard over the city in the evening, but the Police failed to locate where the explosion occurred. The explosion resulted in dozens of calls to the Alert Center.
The murdering started in Stockholm on Wednesday afternoon. A dead woman was found in an apartment at Södermalm and the situation routinely lead to the murder investigation. A man in his fifties was caught on suspicion of murder.
A gunfight was fought in Uppsala in a problem suburb of Gottsunda. A 25-year-old young man was shot full of holes. The police do not tell if the target survived or not. However, it is investigated as attempted murder, and there have been no arrests in the case as of yet.
In Malmö, once again, attempted murder. At Möllevången, a brutal mass battle was set up resulting in knive sticks on one person. The case was recorded as attempted murder.
Cars have been grilled at least in Helsingborg last night, where 2-3 cars were burned to scrap. One car in Malmö and four in Köping went to reindeers. Two separate fires were again set in Västerås, resulting in the destruction of at least a dozen cars. It is estimated that at least 15 cars will be scrapped.
What’s noteworthy about car fires is that there have been dozens of them in Västerås in recent days. Almost every night, one or more cars are burned. One bystander even died of burns while trying to extinguish a sprawling multi-car fire. In Västerås, self-made street patrols have been set up in many areas overnight to guard parking and secure property.

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In Finland we call this ‘cultural enrichment’, assured by local authorities.