The Police Shooters in Porvoo Swedish Citizens

According to the police, the men arrested last night in Ikaalinen are suspected of shooting at Porvoo police. The culprits are Swedish citizens born in 1989 and 1994. The capture, around 9:30pm, caught great interest out in the world.

There are a few things that can be deduced from the capture and from the films and pictures seen on the spot. Namely, the police clearly had some information about where the perpetrators might be moving. Otherwise, it would hardly have been possible to get such a massive number of police cars and teams for the catch in the small village of Ikaalinen. Police have probably had dozens of civilian patrols along the main roads north of Helsinki, checking out for the shooters’ car, and after it had been spotted in the traffic, set off to follow it while preparing to stop them.
The shooters’ motive will be interesting to find out. At this point, there seems to be no rational motive for the act, but it was hardly done for fun. What did the two Swedes do in the deepest Porvoo? Was it perhaps a drug deal on the spot, when a rival firm spited them and called the police. As a result, they could have panicked and shot their way out with the drug load.
It is just as probable that the shooters have some kind of contacts with Finland. No gangster is likely to enter Finland just to shoot some policemen for fun. It is very likely that this was some kind of business that failed. The shooters would have had some kind of contacts in Finland.
However, after the act, the escapees had to realize that Sweden was not accessible by ship, so the only possible exit route would have been some northern border crossing. However, there would have been a reception committee waiting for them there as well.
All in all, the creators’ sensitive trigger finger points to something other than a home-made Swedish gangster. So easily did the persons resort to shooting the police, as well as the desperate shooting before being caught and finally, the attempt to get the police cars off their heels. On the other hand, when you look at, for example, the above image of one of them being caught, there are clearly tattoos on one of his arms. In addition, the culprits appear to be wearing bulletproof vests in the capture situation. Some tough gangsters wear bulletproof vests quite often.
The police have been criticized for not publishing any details of the perpetrators. This was, of course, due to two factors; first, the police knew who they were looking for, so the public assistance would have been mostly marginal. The biggest reason, of course, was that if the shooters had noticed that a bystander had identified them as wanted police shooters, the bystander’s life would have been in danger. After all, they had shot the cops by then, so would the life of some unknown bystander be somehow more valuable in a situation where one had had to choose between a bystander contacting the police, or done away with their life.
Sentences will be handed down to the two, if there is enough evidence in court, at least for the attempted murder, about 8 years, and possibly something more, for example, endangering traffic during the arrest.

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Good guys wear black….


Sweden is an asshole country these days.
Rape capital in the world also.


Hyva maa olla Ruotsi, Klu Kluk Klan ei anna sinule koytta vaan raha anta Ruotti…


According to their father they are just ordinary kids, so stop whining about them.