Malmö’s Future Direction Changed by Monday’s Killing of a Woman


Want to read some hard text? Well here it comes. In fact, I believe that the murder of a woman in the middle of the bustling street of Malmö on Monday morning was as successful as it can be. It radically changed the course of the future. While politicians and media clowns have been whining about how the shooting was a crude and cowardly act.

Uh, uh. Crude it was, yes, but by no means cowardly. A mother holding her baby in the arms was shot dead with multiple head shots in the middle of a clear day in front of dozens of eyewitnesses. Bang Bang Bang, brain to asphalt. After the act, the shooter stumbled on the spot for a few minutes as if he were a gorilla, beating his chest ”look at the king”.
This resulted in panic and fear spreading through the whole of Malmö like a shock wave caused by a nuclear bomb.At present, there is no single person in Malmö who would dare to witness anything. The city spread a little like the spirit of God, which at the beginning of time hovered over the face of the waters. The spirit of God gave birth to new life, but this spirit spreading over Malmö kills the whole city with it’s motto: ”See nothing, hear nothing, and know nothing.” People are increasingly scared. Especially those so-called ordinary people.”See nothing, hear nothing and know nothing”.
It is difficult to say what Malmö residents are currently more afraid of; Is it that, after an event, the Police contacting them and tell them the magic words that lead to death: ”The witness has a duty to stay true.” Or happening to see the actual situation where a crime is being committed.
The situation in the city is now the same as in prison. Prison rule number one is: Do your own thing and don’t interfere with anything. As long as you are able to follow this rule, you can do very well. Generally speaking, many incidents of extortion, abuse and other happenings in prisons are often due to the fact that someone has not been able to ignore something.
In Finland, ordinary people believe that although they testify in a criminal case, they will not be subject to retaliation. Unless the witness were a snitch or otherwise involved in the underworld activities. In that case, their lives would naturally be hanging by a thin thread, while a basic character who testifies in some crime account can usually be at peace. Expert witnesses have hardly ever been subject to retaliation.
Malmö has come to the point that doctors, nurses and other professionals who work with criminals for their work can no longer rely on the safety of their expertise. The woman who was murdered on Monday was a doctor and had witnessed some sort of witness in a big murder case that sent a young man to 11 years in prison yesterday for murder and three attempted murders. If a woman in such a position is shot to death in the middle of a street, how would any ordinary person dare to testify anymore.
The worst contradiction is there for ordinary, kind people. The writer knows how to tell the police absolutely nothing, but what about an elderly lady. They could not ever lie to the police and would therefore be in constant danger in Malmö after having to witness a crime of some gravity.
As media clowns and politicians now shout on Twitter about the cowardliness of murder, that whining closely ressembles the actions of a coward soiling his pants facing a scary situation. Trying to prove that you still have authority and power is useless. You have already lost the game and your authority will no longer rise with ”harsh” words.
Let us consider the situation further. The young man who murdered a woman gets caught or not. Whatever. The game is over anyway. Every single person in Malmö is afraid of anything that makes a sound from now on. The assassin pool attracted so much respect that there has probably never been such a spiritual victory in the history of Sweden.

”The assassin pool attracted so much respect that there has probably never been such a spiritual victory in the history of Sweden”

All young men om from problem neighbourhoods, busy choosing side will be choosing the gangsters’ side next few weeks. If not openly so covertly. Other ordinary people who don’t have to choose anything choose the gangster side, because there are no alternatives. It is better to be on that side than against it, and without one’s brain.
If a murderer is convicted, he will end up in prison with his friends. The young man who murdered the woman in revenge may have been involved in the earlier murder, but the evidence was insufficient. The young man sentenced to 11 years yesterday will in fact sit 3 years 6 months. For a murder and three attempts. If there is enough evidence for yesterday’s shooting, then, according to information, the twenty-year-old will get a maximum of 10-12 years. Not a life sentence, because the act is done as a young person. So they will be inside 1/3 of the annual sentence. If the sentence is 12 years, they will sit four. 4 years. A piece of cake. Sit in the same prison with your friends, your respect growing all the while.
The respect grows so much that after four years of sitting, their bench score is 150 and the biceps are thicker than the thighs of their ex-wife.
Then to second match. Can this gangster pool be won any more? I do not think so. An ordinary person can no longer do anything but… pray for mercy.

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