Six New Swedes Caught For Last Fall's Car Bombs in Gothenbur


Last autumn, over a hundred cars were burned in Gothenburg in several different clusters. In leftist circles, the notion that car fires were a trick of Sweden Democrats before the general elections remained alive. For example, the Finnish anti-racism group Rasmus was convinced that it was racist SD supporters behind the car fires, which then accelerated their election success.

Police have now completed their pre-trial investigation and charges have been brought against six new Swedes. Sitting on the bench of the accused are:

    • 1999 born Alan Hussen, aggravated assault and violent riot.
    • 1999 born Daniel Sahraei, aggravated assault and violent riot.
    • 2002 born Nawanan Ninkhom, aggravated assault and violent riot.
    • 1998 born Landy Khudhur Sabah Arafah, aiding and abetting.
    • 2003 born Hristos Goran Stankovic, aiding and abetting.
    • 2002 born Daryo Ali Ahmed, aiding and abetting.

According to the indictment, the trio, who committed serious damages and a violent riot, broke and burned at least 70 cars on 13th August in several locations in the Västra Frölunda area. The trio also fired self-made bombs and fire bombs at people.
According to the prosecution, the acts were planned and carried out together by the suspects. The three suspects suspected of causing serious damages had, for instance, assisted the main bombers in the production of fire bombs, transported them to pre-arranged locations and also otherwise participated in the preparations. In other words, the fire clusters were made with sound judgment and a systematic approach.
At least 11 people have been imprisoned in the case, but there was only enough evidence against six of them. Some of these people have been incarcerated from a week to a few months, but are responding from free foot.
There are dozens of claimants who have lost their car. There are companies, several insurance companies and dozens of individuals claiming from a few tens of thousands of crowns to hundreds of thousands of crowns, bringing the total to several million Swedish crowns.
Dozens of people have also been called as witnesses, and have, for example, said that they had identified one or more of the perpetrators. The prosecutor’s other evidence is eg. DNA matches found at fires in pieces used to light the fire; surveillance camera shots of suspects filling gas in canisters, etc. Dozens of people’s video footage and photos are also evidence. A few witnesses had followed the suspects away from a fire place, thus taking some footage as further evidence.
There has not been a single Swede among the suspects in custody. Anyone known to have been involved or suspected in the incident is a new Swede.

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