How three young women were hanged on the altar of leftist multiculturalism

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A terrible uproar in Sweden about the immigrant jokes of three young women. To the extent that the mainstream media was hanging out the girls and they were fired by the employer, it was a big surprise. In addition, the CEO of the firm, Mio, publicly apologized for the incident. Although the company has nothing to do with the joke in the first place.

The story started when the company had a small party. No drinking party, but a glass of wine or so in the Swedish spirit. Afterwork took place at the workplace after working hours. The filmmakers, three young women, maybe 17 to 20 years old, have filmed a funny movie of their own.
Video below. It’s worth a watch even if you don’t understand Swedish.
[wpvideo eKDVPh3B]  
The movie is a cashier insider joking about difficult clients. The customer arrives at the checkout and speaks foreign Swedish, that is, in a style of ‘what you say’. The customer wants their 7 year old child to be a regular customer. After that, the customer wants a discount for a cushion with one loose thread. This is why the customer wants an “extra price, discount discount”. The cashier, that is, the raghead, tells the customer that they can’t give a discount, but they can call the manager for them.
It is a completely harmless fun for young women and has nothing to do with racism. Besides, the girl dressed in a rag is herself of Arabic heritage.
The film has now been labeled as a racist slander and the women have been fired from their workplace. Mio CEO Björn Lindblad has been in the media this week about how the film is completely against Mio’s value base, and taken very seriously. Lindblad whispered to the newspapers:
– It is completely against our values ​​and I vomited when I saw the movie. As a company, we want to take distance from it. We take this very seriously. Those people have now been fired. It is important to us that we take care of our responsibilities.
What really happened?
So the movie was originally on at least one girl’s Facebook wall. It was in no way intended for public distribution. Now she hadn’t been able to fix the private settings on her Facebook wall so that the movie would not be public. It is not clear from the film that it was filmed on the premises of a Mio furniture store, it could be any store.
For some reason, the film spread to leftist circles. There it began to spread like a wildfire. Next, the film was distributed to all possible low quality media that shouted racism in a choir. Even Sveriges Radio (comparable to BBC) reported the matter. Mio’s CEO got scared that the company would be slated. He knew that when the left wheel started to spin, someone would be slated anyway. The CEO dismissed his employees and joined the slanderers. The main thing is that the company should not be slated. The girls do not matter.
Thus, three fine young ladies were hanged. This totally harmless humorous act of women finished their so-far careers in one shot. They got fired and probably, their last salaries will be unpaid as some kind of compensation. IN ADDITION, the wrath of the whole nation came on them. You ask the left, was it worth it? The lives of the girls from now on, at least for a while, will be the subject of anger and humiliation by Arab men. They had probably better change location rather soon.
In Sweden, anyone may be slated on the altar of multiculturalism. For what is less important. Multiculturalism requires sacrifice just as gods demand the sacrifice of the natives. It is up to your luck whether it is you who will hang.

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Good acting in a funny way.
I suppose it´s racist or whatever to mimic someone?
The arabs and North Africans talk and act like that so what´s the problem?
Remember the Swedish cook in the Muppet Show? Nothing wrong with that, for sure.