Video: Swedish black rapper calls for killing whites


Sweden has been shocked, or not really, by the video of Jesse Ekene Nweke Conable, a Nigerian, pretty popular black rapper JCBUZ, in which the rapper urges his black sisters and brothers to kill whites.

A video clip in which the rapper urges, among other things, to kill Caucasians started spreading from a secret column on Instagram, “bara svarta” (for blacks only). Clip below with Finnish subtitles.

“Brothers and sisters, black brothers and sisters, I have an important message for you. I want to tell you all the black brothers and sisters out there somewhere that you are special. Nobody is like you, keep fighting.

We blacks take over and we become number one. One beautiful day we will be number one and take all this from white. Just as whites have held us as slaves, we will treat them as slaves, we will treat them even worse.

Right now we have to fight through ourselves, we have to become smarter, we have to become faster and the best in everything. We take their whores and their money. Honestly, we will become the best breed ever. This is just the beginning. Everything starts small, but we always grow bigger and we get bigger. We will be the biggest and strongest group in Sweden, nobody dares to fuck us.

Just wait, some beautiful day like this.

If whites are trying to fuck us, then they know what’s going on (gun pointing and shooting gesture). We’ll show them how we do it. We are soldiers, you understand? We are African soldiers, they (whites) are not at our level.

This is just the beginning, black power, black power.

If any white man or woman speaks shit about you – shoot him. If they talk about shit about your families – shoot them.

Let’s keep together ”

The rapper has repeatedly spread his hatred of whites, but now blueberry has taken it to a new level. In their Instagram account, hundreds of New Swedes praise the rapper’s message and threaten to attack the whites.
See also Samnytt:

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One might wonder why this genius has left Africa in the first place.

Am I stupid or is he stupid?

I have just a one question:
Who will pay the bills of this rapper if he kills those who pay his bills?


Just wait a bit… The most superior, the most ultimate breed is about to RACE.
Yes, it’s the Chinese copulating with the nigg’s. Those are to be such beasts that stone age seems like space age.
This is the real reason why the West (Whites) should worry about China in Africa.
If you can’t picture this, shut the fuck up about some stupid climate change. Stop sex, we have enough foolish people already.