Sunday Insight – Much More Negative Than The Average

The video’s release during the weekend has sparked much debate on both sides. There has even been some talk of citizens’ uprising.

In the video, 3-4 Arabs aged 13-15 are assaulting a 12-year-old Swedish teenager. The head bully hits the Swede with his fists and kicks him in the head. The other one does not actually ride the bike, but shows gestures of subjugation by rolling the front wheel of the bike on the boy who is lying down. The third one is taking photographs of the happenings for a commemorative folder.
Let’s imagine the Swedish boy had defended himself for some reason. Let’s say the boy had put hard against hard and punched back. Let’s say the boy even overmanned his bully and slapped him on the ears. What would have happened next? The school would have intervened. The boy would have been suspended from school for a limited period and received other disciplinary measures. The boy would have been labeled a racist Nazi and the social child welfare authorities would have become involved. Criminal investigations would not have started because the boy is under 15 years old, but many years of spinning on the wheels of social work would have started to eradicate racism, fascism and all evil from the boy. The event would have reached a wide range of statistics, stating ”racist violent crimes” and shouting at the anti-racist circles about racism taking over.
But the situation did not go that way. A Swede was beaten by Arabs. What happens next?
The following happens. The school does not do anything. No social worker dares to intervene and Hassan is not told that the assaults are inappropriate. No ”Wilma message” is sent to Hassan’s parents, nor is the event reported anywhere, it just goes unnoticed. Instead, Hassan laughs lazily at the event and gets more respect in his circle of friends. It’s like an extra egg in a pancake. Hassan will continue to mistreat young Swedes. And no Swede gets justice, ever.
What about that uprising? Nobody is going to “rise” to anything. The event is a similar everyday event that takes place every day in Swedish schools. Every young Swede knows one or more nice Arabians or Africans with whom they are good friends. They also know some crazy newcomers. Most importantly, however, the young Swede was born and raised in the current state and does not even know the kind of option older people have, of the past Sweden. The ”uprising” is just a fantasy of middle-aged and older folks.
The ”uprising” is just a fantasy of middle-aged and older folks.
It is extremely important for Finns to understand this and not fantasize about any uprising. It must be understood that the Swedish nation has been lost. It cannot be recovered. There is no turning back for the old. No fictional uprisings are in any way realistic. There are no uprisers, and above all, no army to support it. Nothing. Multiculturalism grows a bit like the ”bad sun” of the film ”The Fifth Element”. The more it was bombed, the bigger it grew and the more certain the ending. Multiculturalism works the same way. Finns should now observe the events in Sweden closely and draw the right conclusions thereof.
If not, the Estonians will be writing a very similar story in a few decades.

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