Video: A Swedish Child Beaten by New Swedes

[wpvideo Ch7Eo6Ua]

The video above was filmed a few days ago. In the film, a Swedish child is mistreated by third-country newcomers from Arabic backgrounds. One person calmly films the assault. A third one crashes into the child with their bike.

The film began to spin on social media as Arab youngsters shared it on various young people’s social media channels, telling them that all Swedes will be sharing the same fate. The victim of ill-treatment is clearly younger than the main abuser. The film was shot in the town of Skövde in the courtyard of a local school and the main bully is called Hassan.
FINNS: Watching this video, know that you are taking in the precise future that lies ahead.

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Is that the “multicultural richness” they are talking about? Those niggers should be shot in cold blood.

Juha K

Do anyone know how that white child survived the attack, because there is a horrible kick at the end? Although there were so many kicks and beats before the last one..
All have to know and understand that this same is delivered to Finland every day because of the #NRO1 #Traitor #StateCriminal Sauli Niinistö (SN2-vmy/kok) and his MAFIA GANGSTER GROUPS even against all Laws – Constitutional Law – Dublin agreement, and so on..
All these illegal actions are carried out by the Sauli Niinistö muslim brotherhood family and accepted by the Supreme Law Enforcement such as the Prosecutor General Ms. Raija Toiviainen, the Ombudsman Mr. Petri Jääskeläinen, Ms. Maija Sakslin and Mr. Pasi Pölönen, the Supreme Court, the High Court of Administration, and the list goes on.. even the Finnish Police and Finnish Army!
Finland has the worst corrupted and rotten administration in the World which is lead by Valtioneuvoston kanslia and the head of the department Mr. Martti Hetemäki (kok.)!