Apathetic Refugee Child and Unaccompanied Asylum Seeker Child – Classic Bluffs

Some nowadays adults in Sweden have come forward in recent days to witness that the ”apathetic asylum seeker child” of the past years was a pure hoax. It was the parents that forced their children to act apathetic, and asylum activists believed it all.

Pt–media has already written about this. To us, the fact that the phenomenon now is revealed as a hoax is no surprise. The article below was published a year ago. In it we dealt with the trend of apathetic children, which has recently changed into unaccompanied asylum seeker children.

The concepts of child refugees have an interesting history. At times, around 2005, the term ”apathetic refugee children” began to circulate in the media and publicity. At this stage, there was no talk of alone coming children. The apathetic children were refugees who came with their family and for some reason the children became very apathetic. They fell into deep depression, speechlessness, depression, and had eating disorders. Girls had anorexia and boys had other disorders. The age range for these apathetic children was from a few years to somewhere in their teens.
Children were rushed to psychiatrists and psychologists, but no other cause for apathy was discovered than ”war trauma”. After a few years of talking, politics and media began to weave tales to open up sympathy points and borders to apathetic children.
During 2007, the hullabaloo was at its worst. Investigative journalists ”uncovered” how allegations that children were being manipulated into apathy were untrue. According to investigative journalists and various psycho-psychologists, these children were really apathetic. Namely, certain parties were trying to tell that parents manipulated their children into acting apathetic in the hope of a residence permit. Sympathy pity was the name of that game. And the questioner, a racist.
The issue of apathetic children was still there around 2008 rush until the whole thing suddenly came to an end. The poor, miserable apathetic refugee children simply disappeared from media coverage. As if the children had been healed and had regained their joy of life.
What was that all about? It was a school example of some form of mass psychosis. Families who came to asylum seekers realized on a large scale that if their child acted as an apathetic psychotic patient, the possibility of a residence permit could increase significantly. This idea was supported by massive media drumming and the resulting points of pity and sympathy. Asylum activists, on the other hand, encouraged families and children to become apathetic, as if inadvertently. Home visits to refugee families were made to see if the family had apathetic children. Apathetic children were searched for evidence of their existence. Apathetic children were found because they were expected to be found.
In the end, the bluff got so overwhelming that the bottom dropped off. It ended like in a wall. Today, mentioning ”apathetic refugee children” brings a subtle blush to people’s faces.
Next came a completely new and different trend, the ”unaccompanied asylum seeker children”.
This phenomenon began some timein the late ’00s. Initially, it was understood that, indeed, the 3-10 year old toddlers travelled freely from Somalia / Afghanistan / Eritrea to the other side of the world to Sweden to escape war, persecution and torture. So brave and oh so vulnerable children. They travel alone on the rear axle of a lorry half a globe and roam across the seas. Then they walk through Europe to Sweden. So the media and public debate really meant that ”alone coming children”, were children in the sense that the word ”child” is understood.
There are two trends here. Indeed, some children came to Sweden, especially during the 2015 invasion. The children were probably smuggled in vans across Europe to Sweden. There were many car loads of children aged 8 to 15 from Africa, who were left in the yard of the city social service or police. Like a cuckoo laying eggs in the nest of a little bird.
The second, and greater, trend began after the children who came alone to the country began to turn out to be not-so-children. Most of the children were adults. For others, summer was a turning point. There were major Afghan demonstrations in Stockholm and around Sweden demanding that they stay in Sweden. The media spoke of ”alone asylum seeker children”.
However, the media itself failed the job of begging for sympathy. Namely, the media shouted with big headlines how the unaccompanied children are demonstrating. Again, it was understood that real children were demonstrating. People’s dismay was striking when media published pictures of demonstrations and pictures of adult men. The text was about children. Indeed, people had imagined that children aged 3 to 15 would show up at the markets. However, the contradiction was too obvious. Men appearing as children do not get points of sympathy, and even some politicians questioned what the hell was this.
Now the media made a quick rerun and the word ”child” was dropped from the stuff. There was talk of just ’alone comers’. This search period took several months. Now, the single word for a young man/young adult has become the new word. Even the words ”alone coming adult” are sometimes used.
In other words, unaccompanied asylum seeker child is slowly coming to history. It’s an antiquated saying, much like apathetic asylum seeker child. There were no alone coming children, only young adults. There were no apathetic refugee children. There were only children. But for someone, those sympathy points must be collected.
Both cases are explained by roughly the same factors: The fanaticism of asylum activists, and some kind of mass madness. It is worth noting that most of the mainstream media belong to the asylum activist camp. While those who suspected did not dare to question it. However, there was a racism mark in the game. The one who criticizes is a racist and a Nazi. In Sweden, nothing else is worse than the label of a racist. A high-ranking doctor would rather keep his mouth shut than lose his high-paying job because of the racism label. Or does anyone want to get themselves into a social ban because of the racism label.
There are several similar hoax phenomena. Apathetic and alone coming children are by no means special cases. To the same unfortunate phenomena belong Academics wandering the Balkan highway, Care gap fillers, Bark boat captains, Afghan refugees from Iran, Economic growth caused by refugees in Sweden, Buses stopping without refugees, etc. The whole asylum show is based on imagination and who best gathers pity points.