Greta Thunberg's mother has been spreading her daughter's diagnosis in the press for years

Greta Tintin Eleonoora Ernman Thunberg’s latest performance was full of drama. Greta recounted angrily how her future had been stolen and her childhood spoiled by empty speeches.

Could it really be that Greta’s childhood was ruined? Greta has, without any doubt, lived a safe life. Maybe she has seen some hallucinations sometimes.

Malena Ernman
Greta’s parents, mother, opera singer Malena Ernman, and father, producer, writer and actor Svante Thunberg are very wealthy. Greta lives with her parents and siblings in Kungsholmen, Stockholm, on P.O. Hallmans gata. The residential area is located in the heart of Stockholm on the banks of the Barnhus Bay and is one of Stockholm’s finest areas. Even from her living in this area alone can be inferred that Greta has had no contact with the lives of normal people during her lifetime.
Greta’s mother can be described as a total freak, so what if she is famous and possibly a good singer. The lives and illnesses of Greta and her current younger sister Beata have been covered in all Swedish women’s magazines. Mom has been openly telling that Greta in 2015, when she was 12, stopped eating and lost 20 pounds in a couple of months. At about the same time, the girl was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. Shortly after this, Sister Beata was diagnosed with adhd. To be added later, misophony, that is, reacting to ordinary sounds more strongly than the average.
In another magazine, Greta’s problems were also reported very openly. The mother told that she was ill at the age of 11 and that she had been wondering what the trouble was. This was some time before her daughter’s Asperger was discovered. In one magazine, her mother also chattered about Greta’s problems and told her how she was attending a special school. The article gives the impression that the mother thinks it is cool when the girl is different, even though it is caused by her Asperger’s syndrome.
So Greta’s mother has been exposing the girl for years in one crappy article after another. Greta’s problems have been talked about in public as if they were some sort of nationwide news.
It is pretty clear that Greta’s mother is behind a lot of this. She may not be writing the story herself, as there should already be some professionals involved, but as a motivational force, the mother is needed.
Greta would not have got any attention with her school strike last fall had she been an ordinary little girl from an ordinary family. But since she was the daughter of a pushy celebrity and a Eurovision songster, it aroused the interest of many a crap magazine. The kick-off was influenced by Swedish media, writing tear-jerking articles about the girl. After that, the phenomenon began to live its own life.

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