Fifty cars were destroyed in weekend car fires


Over the weekend, enough cars were burnt throughout the weekend to make car salesmen to work hard and late the week ahead.

    • Nearly 10 cars were destroyed in Södertälje at 00:30 on Sunday night. The fire was in the Geneta district.
    • On Sunday night 3-5 cars were set on fire in the parking lot in Värmdö.
    • On Sunday night at 7.30 in Tyresö, 7-8 cars were set on fire. The fire spread to the adjacent cars, resulting in a dozen burned cars.
    • In Landskrona, one car was set on fire at 03.40 pm on Sunday night in the Norrestad district, and the fire spread to adjacent cars. So three cars for scrap.
    • At Oskarshamn, one car was set on fire at 9.45pm on Furuvägen on Saturday night and at least four cars on Ingenjörsvägen at 10.30pm. The fire spread alongside, so the amount of scrap in Oskarshamn was about ten cars.
    • On Saturday, an abandoned car was set on fire on a motorway near Huddinge.
    • In Västerås, one car was set on fire on Ritargatan at 3:30 pm on Saturday night.
    • One car was set on fire on Saturday evening at 9:50 pm in Saltviken.
    • Two cars were set on fire on Friday evening at 9 pm in Hammarbyhamn, Stockholm.
    • A dozen cars were burned in at least three different fires on Saturday night and Sunday night in Borås.

A list of the fires can be found on the Police website. All in all, nearly fifty cars were scrapped. It is worth noting that in Sweden it is customary to give the number of cars destroyed by fire by indicating the number of cars lit. That is, if two cars are set on fire and the fire spreads to adjacent cars, then the number two is reported. Although, in fact, five cars burned in the fire.
The car is unusable after a fire that looks quite small. In the engine compartment, a fire will cause major damage even if the car looks otherwise untouched by it. On the other hand, a fire bomb thrown from a broken window, which lights up the back seat and burns textiles, but goes out on its own, makes the car unusable. The smell of the fire is so horrible that the car can no longer be driven.
This time, no cars were burned in Lund, but the Police are urging people to pay attention to where they park their cars. As of spring, there have been 32 fire heads in the city of Lund, which have destroyed dozens of cars. The police have no clue about the perpetrators. As of this weekend’s fires, no suspects have been caught.

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