Märsta – chaos last night: an explosion and dozens of cars on fire

North of Stockholm, Märsta, Sigtuna, was set up with a better celebration last night. A barber shop was totally blown up and thirty cars were burned to ashes. The result looks like a war zone.

The chain of events began at 01.30 am when several cars were set on fire in Odensalavägen. Within a few minutes, a new fire grew on Valstavägen and soon a number of cars on fire in Vänortsringen. According to a police release, 19 cars burned totally down, but there were actually more cars burned out of service, as in most cases the fire spread to adjacent cars.
When the cars had been got on fire at 01.50, a decent bomb was set up at a barber shop in Tingvallavägen, which broke the property and windows several hundred meters away.
Fire brigades in the area arrived and a police bomb squad raked the area for possible unexploded bombs. Police are investigating the cases as a general threat and assault, but no one has been arrested on suspicion of acts.
According to a Pt media underworld expert, Märsta’s case is most likely a kind of clan money reminder. Namely, the person who runs the barber is a person with a Middle Eastern background. He also owns a nearby cafe, which has been shot at several times during the fall. That was possibly caused by some disagreements on money laundering issues, where the percentages have gone astray.

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