In Sweden, blood has been flowing in recent days


In Sweden, blood has been flowing in recent days. Between Friday and Tuesday, at least nine people, in total, have been killed after either a suspected murder or murder.

In Burlöv, police were alerted Sunday to a suspected incident of violence at Tågvirkesgatan. The patrol found two dead persons, an elderly couple, at the scene. The incident is being investigated as a murder, so far no one has been arrested on suspicion of these acts. The Police said it was a robbery. The couple was murdered and robbed in their own apartment.
The Police also received an alarm on Saturday regarding a flat in Surahammar where a 75-year-old woman was found dead. A 70-year-old man was arrested by police on suspicion of murder.
A young man died on Sunday night in a mass battle in Piteå. A group of teenagers were having a party in the apartment, but started then hitting each other with objects. The Police arrived at 2.10am, and delivered the youngster to a hospital where he later died. One person got arrested on suspicion of murder.
On Friday afternoon, police received an alert in Sundbyberg, Stockholm, where a dead woman was found in an apartment. Police arrested a man in the apartment on suspicion of murder.
There was also murder present in Arvika. Police were alerted to an apartment Friday night because of some noise. A woman was found, though she had stopped making noise forever. Murder. One person incarcerated on suspicion of murder.
In Nora, there was also a desire for murder as there came a request for a police patrol. The patrol also found a person in this apartment who did not take part in the rumble. He was dead. One person was taken to custody to account for the evening’s suspicion of murder.
A man was murdered in the evening in Hökarängen in Stockholm in the middle of a parking lot. There were several eyewitnesses to the incident, but no shooter or shooters were caught by the Police.
A woman was killed in an apartment in Västervik by shooting at 10.30am on Tuesday evening. The Police arrested a man at the scene on suspicion of shooting.
In addition, there have been several shootings where the victim was only wounded but these cannot be listed separately.

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