Haninge stricken by mafia – entrepreneurs are being blackmailed

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South of Stockholm, the city of Haninge has been a highly multicultural city for a decade, only slightly overshadowed by more well-known areas. But without hesitation, Haninge is just as multicultural, and there is the Jorbro neighborhood, where it hurts and happens. The following description is the future everywhere.

The story took off when other hard-working asylum seekers Wahid and Masih opened a barber shop in Jorbro. (There’s a little bit of writing about it here and there, so there is no “original” source for the issue, but I’ll refer to the local newspaper Mitti.se in the future because they have a movie clip on their site).
When the barber’s doors were opened last spring, it didn’t take long for the Somali Orchestra to enter the barber’s salon, where they introduced themselves as coming from the Tax Agency. The thing was that all businesses in the area had to pay tax. The tax was again collected in cash. Otherwise there would be bad bad problems.
Owner Masih refused to pay, and during the summer barbers received new threats; if you don’t pay, chaos will come. At some point, when the tax money still was uncollected, the real action began. One recent event was filmed where all the windows of the shop were broken. Movie clip from Mitti.se:

The situation was bad until the police made a small scale effort and two mafiosos were imprisoned. But things got worse afterwards. One was recently sentenced to a short, 3 months’ formal imprisonment for extortion. However, police say more young people are involved.
The threats continued to worsen and eventually the barbers were forced to close their shop last month. The pressure and stress became so intense. The men decided to try again and the barber opened earlier this month. Right at the start, the windows of the shop were broken (video clip above about this event). The men purchased Personal Alarms and the police have had to protect the men’s commute on several occasions.
Barbering continues somehow, but men tell Mitti it:
– At first we thought that the barber shop would be burned at some point, but now we are afraid we will be shot.
– When we filed the crime report, we thought things would get better. But they got worse. Now we are living in a nightmare.
The article states that the barber in question is not the only one to extort money. Or in this case, an attempt was made. Police said the local restaurant has also been under pressure, but there is no practical evidence of this up to trial.
Quote from Mitti ends here.
It is therefore a pure ‘mafia-style’ collection of protection money. If you do not pay then you are not doing business. In this case, the Somali Orchestra is such a hard-skinned crowd that they really do not give up, but have actually taken over the Jordbro shopping area.
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The event took another turn when TV4’s program group Efterlyst (cf. Police TV, etc.) was doing a report on Jordbro last week. The subject was precisely this barber shop and the pressure on other entrepreneurs in the area.
While the filming was going on, 10 to 12 newcomer gang members were actually on the shooting team. One person was overturned and the camera broke. The shooting team was threatened with assault. Police were called to the scene, which rescued the group from aggravated assault.
You can watch the event on TV4’s newsreport video, the event itself at 0.24.
What did that sound like? It sounded as it looks like. The newcomer gangster gang has taken control of Jordbro and society can do nothing about it. The power of the group is growing and the pressure is increasing, although police say on its pages that they have increased visibility because of the events.
The police have no resources to monitor the area and protect every blackmailed entrepreneur 24/7. The whole thing is based on this. The police can momentarily play their part in the area by stepping up with several patrols. Meanwhile, the gangsters can have their cocaine party, and when the police leave the area, they return with even greater force.

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