Grandmother Tells How Grandchild Took Fright At Bomb In The Night

A Grandmother tells on Facebook about the happenings on Saturday night, when her daughters and their children as bystanders had to experience how it feels to be accidentally in the midst of a bomb attack.

A woman tells her that an 8-year-old grandson woke up at night after three to a strange sound. A few seconds later, there was an explosion on the other side of the bedroom wall. The explosion frightened the child, and of course the whole family, as the windows of the child’s bedroom shattered inside. Personal injury literally floated in the air. The bedroom wall also bulged, as the bomb was set in the stairwell of the apartment building and the child’s bedroom was just behind the wall. The family’s front door to the stairwell also flew in.
The entire stairwell exploded into shingles, the suspended ceiling collapsed and the wall structures suffered heavy damage. All windows in the neighborhood were broken. Some of the windows just dropped down, some windows fell into the apartment under the power of a pressure wave. As if by miracle no one was hurt.
Grandmother is now asking how it is possible for criminals to walk around free and set their bombs in people’s corners. And that nobody does anything.
– You who are sitting in the government you have to act now, it really is time to start working. When do you acknowledge that you have lost control and have no idea what is going on.
She adds that the whole family is now seriously wondering whether it is safe to live in Sweden at all.

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