A representative of an extremist organization in Sweden will arrive in Finland in May to speak

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The anti-racism group Rasmus always finds catches that can make you laugh. “Can’t these moths be any more useful idiots.”

Christian Thibault’s life mission is to denounce Finns as racists. This time he will be hosting the Nordic Diversity Forum in Helsinki in May 2020. The name says it all. Multiculturalism and racism by whites will be the topics.
But who can the speakers be . There is a Kitimbwa Sabuni, new arrival to Sweden. The organizers certainly do not know exactly whom they called to the event.

What kind of guy is Sabuni?

Kuvahaun tulos haulle kitimbwa sabuni
Sabuni is a Burundian, and moved to Sweden at a young age. He is a member of many clubs. To the Afro-Swedish National Organization and, above all, to the Muslim Human Rights Committee (MMRK, Muslimska Mänskliga Rättighetskommittén). He was also chairman of the club in 2011. Despite its name, it is not really a “human rights organization” that would promote human rights issues … or, well, they do promote Islamist issues there, of course.
The Muslim Human Rights Organization is considered by many to be a hard-line extreme Islamic organization. Magnus Sandelin, a journalist at doku.nu who is a leading Swedish jihadist scholar, is one of those who have expressed such views. Last fall, Sandelin published an article in which he wrote that this human rights organization has such connections that it can be rightly ranked as extremist and those who advocate it are extremists. (Article also published by Gothenburg Posten).
Sandel mentions, for example, the case of Ali Berzeng. Berzeng was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment in Svea Court of Appeal for various terrorist offenses and terrorist financing. It was proved in court that Berzengi had sent at least SEK 200,000 to Iraq for a terrorist organization called Ansar al-Islam, which organized several bloody bombings resulting in several hundreds of dead people. In addition, it was proved in court that Berzeng had had intensive correspondence. with a terrorist organization, and he was a kind of messenger between different parties. In addition, Berzeng probably had good connections with Osama Bin Laden, or at least his immediate circle.
Ali Berzeng has to do with the Muslim Human Rights Organization to the extent that the Human Rights Organization invited Berzeng to a seminar in 2010.
Munir Awad was also a speaker at the same seminar!
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Awad is a newcomer-in-Sweden terrorist of Lebanese origin who has been arrested in several countries for preparing for a terrorist attack. At least 2009, he was detained for a few months in Pakistan on suspicion of contact with Pakistani terrorist organizations and earlier in 2007 in Somalia by Kenyan troops. He was detained in Ethiopia on suspicion of terrorism.
In 2012, Awad was sentenced in Denmark to 12 years in prison for a terrorist attack planned in Copenhagen.
And so, just a couple of years earlier, he had attended a Muslim Human Rights Organization seminar where he talked about Swedish terror legislation.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Now Kitimbwa Sabuni, one of the wood-ethers of that Muslim Human Rights Organization, is coming to Helsinki. His speech is entitled “Multiculturalism’s promise of happiness”.
It is probable that the Nordic Diversity Forum is not familiar with Sabuni’s background any more, but goes by the fact that Sabuni is a well-known champion of Muslim “rights.” Sabuni sees racism everywhere. So in Sweden, the world’s most non-racist state. A few years ago, Sabuni made a statement about how Muslim human rights are being violated if Islamic congregations do not receive additional government grants. He also thinks there is racism because there are no religious interest-free bank loans for Muslims. Kitimbwa Sabuni is the brother of Nyamko Sabuni, chairman of the Swedish Liberal Party.
So this is how a useful idiot works. The other participants in the multicultural seminar would certainly be worth exploring as well, but let someone else do the rest.

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