Coffee and buns at a meeting with criminal s? This time the police offered the gangsters pizzas!

According to earlier information, Malmö police were planning to invite the Malmö underworld bad guys to a meeting, and indeed this has happened. According to Swedish media, such as Kvällsposten (”The Evening Mail”), nine gangsters and a supporter came to the scene, the police did not offer coffee and buns but pizza.

The meeting began at the Malmö Sports Stadium, which was chosen as the venue for the dialogue meeting. The police had called 12 criminals, 9 of whom came to the meeting. According to the police, some of those summoned to the scene are a potential murderers themselves, while others are a potential murder targets.
The meeting began at 5 p.m., and the police began dialogue by warning the criminals. It doesn’t know if the police uncle lifted his finger and waved and scolded, ”Now this is unnecessary, let this be the very last warning!”. As the dialogue continued, the criminals were offered the opportunity of a new life, that is, participation in the leave-the-crime program by Uncle Policeman.
When the dialogue was over, the police leadership, the prosecutor and the criminals sat at the same table and ate the juicy pizzas. There is no information what kind of pizza the gangsters tasted. Were they al tonnos, margaritas, or house specials with four optional toppings plus garlic and jalapeno peppers. It is not known whether a cold Coca Cola was being used to flush it all down or whether it was just a Pilsner.
In the same way, all the criminals who are called for a meeting by the police are somehow on the prison records. There is conditional or community service and such serious discussions aim to bring about change for the better. Otherwise somebody might end up in prison.

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24.11.2019 22:33

Swedish police is a joke. They should send those leaches and criminals to camps like they do in China. You need to be hard on muslims, and other pasites. You need to make them know their place on force, its the only language they understand.