Opponents of Racism Have Found A New Idol


Rasmus does again what they do best. Finland hater and multiculturalist Christian Thibault has been desperately trying to bring up the case of Rodney Reed, an American rapist-murderer. Reed was sentenced to death but the execution was postponed at the last minute. This seems to cause the rise of warm sentiments inside Rasmus.

Tiina Wiik gives the best insight writing:
”Rasmussians have found a new hero, rapist-murderer Rodney Reed. Reed was sentenced to death at the time of the rape and strangulation of 19-year-old Stacey Stites. He had attacked the woman on her way to work early in the morning. Because Reed had been a suspect in several other sex offenses, police had his DNA and it matched to Stacey’s vaginal samples. At the time of writing, Reed was 28 years old.
At first, Reed claimed that he did not know the woman. When police revealed their DNA evidence, he changed his story and claimed he had had a super-secret relationship with the woman nobody knew about.
Stacey was in a relationship and worked shifts to save money for her wedding. She was a really good looking young woman who wouldn’t be interested in Reed. According to reports, Reed’s IQ is around 80, and there’s no reason he would have known Stacey.
Half a year after the Stites incident (which could not be immediately resolved), Reed had similarly attacked a woman named Linda Schlueter and attempted rape, but Schlueter had escaped and identified the attacker as Reed. From this, the police noticed that he might also be the murderer of Stacey. Reed had also raped and beaten his girlfriend, who was mentally retarded, and was an old acquaintance of the police for that.
Reed’s defense has subsequently tried to make the victim’s groom a suspect, but that version makes no sense. According to their version, Stacey would have already been killed in her apartment, after which the boyfriend has removed the body by car. This is not believable because the girl’s mother lived in the same apartment and heard quite normal voices when she left for work and in the morning. Would she not have noticed from the sounds that they were not coming from the morning routine but from the murder of his daughter and the dragging of her body ?!
Reed is a slimy evil-doer. When asked why he was constantly subjected to similar accusations of sexual offenses by very young girls in his life, he said the girls had probably been jealous of him. So he’s even trying to create the impression that all these pretty, white girls are after the IQ80 loser.
Now, the Rasmus Group is celebrating the suspension of the execution of this monster. Because he’s black. And because his victims are white. ”

The Rasmus Group is now celebrating the suspension of the execution of this monster. Because he’s black. And because his victims are white”

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So, in 1996, a rape murder occurred in a small village in Bastrop, Texas, a few dozen miles from Austin. Reed was sentenced to death in 1998. However, Governor of Texas Greg Abbot has now postponed execution for four months, during which time new evidence of possible innocence must be presented. Activists say they have evidence of Reed’s innocence.
So this is the kind of idols the Rasmus Anti-Racism Group has.