Most municipalities in Sweden let newcomers pass their housing queue


According to Hem & hyra, a housing magazine, a large part of Swedish municipalities let their newcomers pass by in the municipal housing queue. 63% of municipalities do so.

Every year, the Housing Agency surveys the housing market with the municipalities and analyzes the results. According to Hem & Hyra, 174 out of 290 municipalities in Sweden let a certain group pass by. The largest single group in the responses was – the newly arrived.
In practice, many municipalities are legally forced to do so. This is the Local Government Act, which came into force two years ago. It obliges each municipality to take in a certain number of refugees who have been granted a residence permit and to arrange housing for them. As a result, most municipalities are, in fact, forced to pass asylum seekers out of the queue.
In some municipalities, which simply do not have free rental housing, the municipality has purchased owner-occupied housing on the free market and then leased it to asylum seekers. In some municipalities, such as Burlöv in the greater Malmö area, asylum seekers are accommodated at hotels at a monthly payment of € 6,500.
There has been controversy surrounding this. Some believe that even the homeless Swedes are not given such commitments. On the other hand, asylum seekers are a very vulnerable group with war, persecution and torture behind them and they simply cannot be left behind.

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