Have the gangsters already won Sweden?


Trollhättan’s recent weeks have once again revealed that the police are completely toothless in front of the newcomer Swedish gangsters. The police do not dare to do anything and do not even have the capacity to do so. The game is lost.

Civic journalist Joakim Lamotte was in a problem suburb of Trollhättan in Kronogården last week, filming and interviewing local people for early-week riots. Lamotte writes on Facebook today that before leaving for Trollhättan, he made a timed update on Facebook in case he didn’t come back alive, looking like a farewell letter.

– It may sound dramatic, but before I left Trollhättan I found out that there were people who planned to take me out if I showed up to Kronogården for a live broadcast. And I already know that Kronogården is currently the most dangerous place in Sweden. There are criminals in the area who have no respect for other people. Gang crime is doing well and they are in constant war with the Police and the Rescue services, Lamotte writes.
– Several people warned me not to go to Kronogården, but I thought the police had some readiness due to the riots that lasted a couple of days. And that they have a good sense of the situation and control over possible new riots. But on the spot, I noticed that there were no individual police officers at the same time as large groups of gangs were confronted.
Lamotte says he thought for a moment before starting a live broadcast. Some even thought, in a somewhat naive way, that he did not want to give criminals the power to decide on freedom of expression. So the famous live broadcast was then started.
– As soon as I stepped out of the car and started shooting with my camera, there was a blizzard. The masked people shouted “whore pigs”. The gangs surrounded me and when I was trying to interview a woman, the men threateningly pointed the flashlights straight at my eyes. They told me to disappear, and at the same time they were threatening. More and more camouflaged people came to the marketplace all the time. When I was besieged, the Police tried to talk to the youngsters, which meant the situation was only getting worse.
– Three cops tried to protect me and keep the youngsters further away, but these few could not have cared less about the cops. They stood on the toes of the police and shouted their faces red with “whore bitches” and some threats. Then I felt a burning pain in my leg. For the first seconds, I thought I’d been hit with a knife. At ease, however, I realized it was just a kick or a fist blow. Then there were multiple blows to my back and back and trying to steal my camera.
– I wondered how long this had to last before the Police intervened. Then I realized that if they were to arrest a gang member, it would result in them being attacked and being seriously assaulted. There were far too few police officers and they had no chance, for example, to pull up weapons and shoot.
– Suddenly there was a banging sound all around. Someone threw blast bombs and several powerful bombs exploded at people’s feet. My ears were ringing and my hearing was not normal. While I was in this state, someone then finally managed to steal my camera.
– Now the police got some extra troops and they decided to close the whole market. There are 50 to 100 crazy people on the edge of the marketplace, just like hyenas and they wanted nothing as much as to kill me. One of the cops told me that I also had to leave the closed market if I didn’t want to be arrested. I looked at the police and asked if he didn’t realize I would be beaten to death if I walked out of this market.
– Fuck it then, I thought full of adrenaline. If the Police want me to leave the place then let things go as they go. I walked towards the disguised group that was just waiting to get me in their hands. Spiritually, I chose to fight for my life. If they are going to slaughter me, they must not do it without resistance.
– In that situation, one of the policemen told me to turn back. He clearly understood that I would be beaten to death if I walked into disguised gangs. A police car was arranged and I was seated in its back seat. After that, the cops put up a wall around the car and eventually we left the site at a fast pace.
The direct quote ends. Here was a summary of what happened in Kronogården, in the words of Joakim Lamotte. I hope I could write it as well in Finnish/English as Lamotte tells it in Swedish.
I have personally seen in the January 2016 riot situation in Rinkeby how the police did not dare to intervene. There were an estimated 30 to 50 youngsters in the marketplace, who were smashing up places. The Police let the teenagers alone for 30-45 minutes to do as the. y wanted. Police only entered the scene after the youth tournament endurance play was over and the entire Rinkeby Market was put in a restauration queue.
The Police strategy is not to provoke more riots. As Lamotte said above, if the Police had, for example, arrested a mutineer, it would have resulted in a hundred hordes of newcomers attacking the Police, who would have had no chance of winning. The same thing as in Rinkeby. Had the Police had entered the fierce riot in the marketplace, they would have been beaten, their guns stolen and their cars burned.
This is criticized by Mr Lamotte. He says that this is not about any individual policeman, but that there is no political will. All there is is about dealing with things at low power. Followingly, the criminal circles have lost all respect for the Police. They can behave in whatever way to amuse themselves without any penalties. Each time the police retreat, criminals gain more power and status. In no other country could one imagine young people behaving like they do towards the police in Sweden, Lamotte says. And continues:
– I was in Malmö Rosengård in 2008 when there was a small-scale civil war between the police and the youth. At that time I thought that if this was not tackled hard and fast, then the disaster in Sweden would be ready. However, the same policy continued and today we are seeing criminals taking over areas, bit by bit from Sweden. It is no longer a matter of whether the gangs win or not. They have already won.

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