Murderer of 17 year-old Wilma Andersson: "She got what she deserved"


In Sweden the murder of 17 year-old Wilma Andersson is now going to trial, as Ahmed Tishko, a 23 year-old Iraqi Kurd, is prosecuted for murder and desecration of grave, which usually means inappropriate handling of a corpse.

Wilma disappeared in the town of Uddevalla November a day after telling her friends that she is going to end the abusive relationship she had with Tishko. A search was launched and Tishko denied any knowledge of Wilma’s whereabouts. A volunteer organization searched the grounds in Uddevalla and found Wilma’s shoes and glasses with signs that somebody had tried to burn them. The exact location of where the fire was, wasn’t found.
When the police started official search for her, a neighbor of Tishko called in and said that on the previous Thursday the neighbor had heard loud fighting that ended abruptly from Tishko’s appartment. The police searched the apartment and found blood trails. A police corpse dog marked a closet, and in that closet was a suitcase. In it was Wilma’s head, wrapped in aluminium foil, and personal belongings, such as underwear.
Wilma’s friends and family tell of a abusive relationship between Wilma and her boyfriend. Tishko had forced Wilma to drop out of school so that she could be a housewife, and she wasn’t allowed to meet her friends. Tishko wanted them to marry in accordance with muslim tradition, and for Wilma to convert and dress like muslim women. He had called Wilma his whore and slut, and he had an interest in fetish sex and strangled Wilma with a towel during sex. He also had tried to force Wilma to include her friends in group sex, and Wilma had asked her sister whether this was normal. According to the sister, this was Wilma’s first relationship and she didn’t have the emotional maturity to hold her own in such a situation. She had turned scared and introverted when the relationship went on.
Tishko is now in prison waiting for a trial, and even though he went silent when interrogated, he had opened up about what happened to his prison guards, even though the guards informed him that they’re required to disclose to the investigators what he says to them. He had commented the case by saying the bitch got what she deserved.
Wilma’s body is yet to be found, and the investigators assume her corpse was burned. Both parents of Tishko have also been arrested for interrogation about this. The details made public about the murder case are still scarce, but since Tishko is prosecuted for homicide and not sex offense, the court process will most likely be public and more information will become public with the trial.

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Olen loisivan ali-ihmisen kanssa ihan samaa mieltä tästä.Nekrunpalvojahuora sai ihan mitä ansaitsi.Hyvä että oli noiden loisien palvoja eikä joku joka EI heitä palvo.Sellainen olisi suurella todennäköisyydellä saattanut päätyä uhriksi joten hienoa että sai ihan itse mitä tilasi.Muidenkin puolesta.

Where were the parents? Why didn’t they stop this destructive guy?

Wilma on/oli lain mukaan lapsi, ei pidä unohtaa sitä.
Ihmetyttää etteivät tytön vanhemmat puuttuneet suhteeseen. Siskohan on kertonut
miten kalma-kurdi psyykasi tyttöä jatkuvasti, se oli henkistä väkivaltaa kaikissa muodoissaan,
nöyryyttämistä ja uhkailua.


It’s quite an intriguing detail that this devoted citizen of honor (mr. Ahmed) didn’t want to give up the girl’s head (with the underwear). What could have been the purpose of that? Maybe some horror novelist can answer this question.


It’s not a horror novel, it’s a necrofilia and sexual perversion by ahmed tisko…


Tishko is a small dog, his father is a big dog and his mother is a big bitch….


Here’s the later adventures of lord Ahmed: “suicide”-attempt in his prison cell – he is also boasting that nobody will find Wilma’s body etc.
Also a fake psychosis, because he might thinks this will help him to get a lighter conviction – kanske puss och kram:


Finnish fake news media apparently believes everything mr Ahmed happens to come up with and forgets the most essential thing that mr Ahmed just acts according to his religion and culture.

Bai Vaso ot Serbia

It’s normal race traitor must be destroyed! Race traitor, horny race traitor detected!