Video: Neo-Finns beat up a Finnish girl

Here is one typical video in which Neo-Finns, mainly Africans, incite themselves against a Finnish girl. The background of the act is roughly that Africans made up racism against a Finnish girl. Which did not actually happen. After that, the girl was lured to the scene and beaten.

The act took place in Pukinmäki, Helsinki, where colored young people are said to have been particularly excited in recent weeks.

Can’t Finns learn something from Sweden? Do children really have to be beaten by Africans? Unfortunately, nothing can be done anymore. The phenomenon has grown so large that it cannot be eradicated, but it grows to the extent to which it grows in Finland. The only way to perhaps save children is to teach them not to have anything to do with newcomers. In any way. However, this is not practically possible, as the number of newcomers has already reached a culmination point in several schools in the capital region.

This culmination point is the number of newcomers at which they begin to systematically oppress Finnish children. In Sweden, violence and bullying of Swedish children by newcomers begin roughly when the number of newcomers in a school exceeds 8-10% of students. Every parent in the capital region can calculate the probability of their child becoming a victim of newcomer violence.

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