Neo-Finns rioting in Helsinki

There was a riot on Tuesday afternoon on Helsinki’s Iso Roobertinkatu, where a large group of foreign men attacked each other.

According to PT media, there were 5-10 foreign men who suddenly started the fight. The men were armed with knives, sticks, broken bottles, and axes.

At the time of the incident, there were many pedestrians on the street, some of whom were not directly targeted by the violence, but the knives and weapons naturally frightened people and caused a sort of panic as people tried to get away from Iso Roobertinkatu. Some people sought refuge in nearby shops, which called the police to the scene.

The police arrived quickly, but by then the disturbance had already ended and at least some of the young men had left the scene.


The police emptied Kaivopuisto park on the eve of May Day due to the threat of robbery by foreign men

This is yet another such incident in recent times where Finns have to “surrender” to foreign troublemakers. The police cleared Kaivopuisto park of all revelers on the eve of May Day, which is a very unusual measure.

The police stated publicly that the park was cleared for safety and order, which is partly true. The police emptied the park of young revelers because they had received concrete tips and evidence that several large gangs of foreign men had gathered there with the intention of robbing Finnish youths.

In other words, these foreign gangs intended to take advantage of the drunken crowd and steal their belongings.

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