A quick beginner’s guide to 4 best casino dice games

Time is of the essence when making decisions, maintaining discipline, and staying sharp.

However, what if we tell you that you can build your fortune in an instant? Bid goodbye to shuffling and distributing cards, multiple betting rounds, showdowns, and spinning reels of free slots. Instead, you either win or lose fast with a simple throw of one to three dice on a smooth, felted green casino table. Here’s a quick beginner’s guide on the four best and most popular casino dice games.



While this list isn’t in ranking order, we hope to introduce you to the most prevalent dice game in the industry. By that, we mean craps, also known as the king of dice games. Its table and betting options may seem complex at first but it’sa fun and thrilling experience that shows a great deal of comradery.

Using two dice, the goal is to bet on the outcome of their roll based on the betting options. The most popular is the pass line bet: 7 or 11 is a win, whereas 2, 3, or 12 means you crap out. Another part that makes it more open is that the betting procedure is similar to roulette. Players are welcome to join the game at any time. So, are you ready to hit 7 or 11? Just like free slots in online casinos, you can explore more of craps’ betting options and mechanics by using its ‘playf or free’ version.



BoIf you think the craps’ table is already staggering, then perhaps you haven’t seen Sic Bo’s yet. It’s an ancient Chinese game that uses three dice. Like poker, it comes with many variants, and Chuck-A-Luck, which is explained below, is the closestversion.

The safest and most well-known bet is the small and big bets. The former covers bet on any dice sum from numbers 4 to 10, while the latter isfrom numbers 11 to 17.



From the Land Down Under, Chuck-A-Luck, or birdcage, is a banking game played with three dice. While its mechanics are similar to that of hazard and Sic Bo, players don’t roll the dice. Instead, dealers tumble them in a spinning cage, hence the term. From there, players bet on how many dice will show based on your predicted number, which is from 1 to 6 (inclusive).



Before craps reign over casino dice games today, therewas the hazard. Dating back to the 13thcentury and possibly of Arabic origin, it’s a slightly complex version of the former that used to draw large crowds of high rollers in high stakes gambling rooms.

Like craps, hazard uses two dice. To begin the game, the caster specifies a main point between numbers 5 to 9 (inclusive). Then, using the main point, a series of throws start to determine whether the player wins (nicking), loses (outing), or gets another chance. For a simpler and faster understanding, below is a table to guide you:


Practice online

Who would have thought that your wealth is heavily influenced by a rather small size like adice? As much as they are feared as well as lovedby many, they continue to dominate tables inland casinos and pages in online casinos. Between these two platforms, you can explore more of these casino dice games using the ‘play for free’version, just like in free slots.

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